Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sporting the "Homer Simpson" Look

Being the crazy, active little man he is. . . Haden often finds himself in interesting predicaments. A few nights ago such an event occurred. It was right before bed. We had read scriptures and said our prayers. We've got a little step stool in the bathroom now that Haden likes to use to get to the potty and the sink. We were getting him ready to brush his teeth. H decided it wasn't quite time to settle down for the night and started crawling around like a baby. It was a very intense crawl which included a little bit of recklessness. He was on his way from his bedroom to the bathroom. When he made it to the bathroom he somehow slipped and took a face plant right into the tile! Oh, the blood & tears! It made me hurt for him. Daddy picked him up right away and we started to apply pressure to the bleeding area. After a little bit we got him to calm down and were able to assess the damage. He cut the inside of his lip, but not too deep, and chipped one of his front teeth a little bit more and probably bruised his two front teeth a bit as well. We gave him some ibuprofen to help with the pain and some benadryl to help him sleep. (Don't judge us! It helps every once in a blue moon!)

He's doing so well with it! He woke up the next day saying "Owie" and let us know each time it hurts. We asked him if he's like some medicine for it and each time he has said, "No." What a trooper! Check out the adorable Homer Simpson grill though!

He was actually smiling for us here!

I cannot get the picture to face the correct direction, but one can still see the damage.


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Oh no! Poor guy.

The Child Family said...

Oh that looks painful. I hope he heals up OK and that his tooth doesn't have any permanent damage- babies and root canals are NO fun!!! Miss you lots. How are things going? Have you decided on a name for baby girl?

Anonymous said...

Ouch!!!!!! Poor sweetie! Aunt Sandy sends kisses to make it better.