Sunday, February 17, 2008

Eight Great Days of Love!

Once upon a time, one single day for valentines was not enough! For James, I created eight days. I did some cheesy little things just to show him how much I love him. A few of them came with pictures.

Day 1: February 7
I made an amazing cupcake with a love note written in it. I frosted and sprinkled it with red sugar. In the middle of the frosting I left a heart shape white without sprinkles. I think I did a really good job. My James was afraid to eat it. He thought I was playing a trick on him. I convinced him that I was not and he scarfed it right down! Hence, there is no picture.

Day 2: February 8
This was movie night. I had so much fun! I got him some Mike & Ike's and the Bourne Supremacy. We already had the Bourne Identity and Bourne Ultimatum. I wrote him a little note that essentially told him "I was "Bourne" the day I met you. Thank you for bringing so much "fruit" to my life." He dug it! I took a picture, but believe I deleted it too quick. Sorry!

Day 3: February 9
This day will probably get a seperate posting! We went snowmobiling and just had a really good time. We came home and had a great steak dinner and went hot tubbing! Yeah!

Day 4: February 10
James enjoyed a fantastic back massage!

Day 5: February 11
This day was made possible by wonderful women who work at S & S Power with James. I prepared a "Sucker Vase" and took it to his work where the secretary Deanna would deliver it for me today! I think it turned out quite well.

Day 6: February 12
Papa Murphy's provided today's special delight. They make Heart-shaped pizzas during Valentine's week. I had them make a special inscription on it with sausage. It didn't quite turn out the way I imagined, but it still tasted good!

Day 7: February 13

THANK YOU TO MY GREAT FRIEND JENN! She was the planned delivery girl for this tasty treat. Today I got a nice sized fish bowl. It couldn't be little. James has fairly large hands. I filled it with goldfish! I tied a note around one of the goldfish and buried it amongst the others. The note read, "Of all the fishes in the sea, I'm so glad that you picked me!" It was fun. I must admit it was my favorite of the gifts. I was happy to see that when I picked James up from work, he had his fishbowl with him and it was about half eaten already!

Day 8: February 14 GRAND FINALE
Thursday's are my half days at work, so this worked quite nicely. After coming home and getting to talk to Roxy on Skype, I set to cleaning the house and putting together James' true gift. We are simple people really. Simple people who like to have a great time that is!!! My Sweetie Pie loves the simple things in life. One of his favorite foods is CORNDOGS!!! Each year we go to the fair, he plans to get a real fair corndog. But we get up to the little shanty and it costs too much! He just can't see spending $5 one one corndog! I can't either really. So, I did some research and found a recipe for them! I purchased for him a deep fryer and all the ingredients and necessities for making his own corndogs!

After he came home and received his Ultimate Gift, we went to the temple. There's no place I'd rather be with my sweetheart than the place were we began. It was so wonderful to be there and know how much love we share and that we are able to be together for ETERNITY!!!!
Then we came home, to a home full of friends! What James did not know is I was working with four other women who were also doing small things for their husbands and we planned a wonderful dinner date to go out with a bang. We enjoyed Caesar Salad, Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip, and a wonderful Grilled Chicken Alfredo on pasta with Italian Sodas! It was absolutely delightful! Here are some pictures of the decor:

We enjoyed dinner by candle light then played games. We finished off the night with a homemade cheesecake topped homemade caramel and fudge sauce. What a delight.

Oh, we must not forget, Sophie loves her daddy too. She was a good sport during the whole ordeal and was very fashionable in a red Valentine bow.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Friday

So it's been a super long week. I'm really excited that it's over. Especially because the plan for Saturday is to go snomobiling!! Woot, Woot! As of now, I'm just chillin at home with Ashlee & Sophie. It's chilly outside, but the snow is sure melting. The much snow has created much in the way of icicles.

Sophie got to go play with grandma & grandpa and the kitty today. She loves to visit. She does get worn out though. A big redneck thanks to Ma & Pa Wildernii for being so willing to puppy sit.Our sweet little puppy is now trying to stay warm and cozy in her fav spot. What a super duper cute sweetheart!

James and the boys are out preparing sleds for the morning. I will hopefully be taking much in the way of pictures and getting some video too. Then I can add that to our sweet little corner too!

Oh, PS to all!!!! I went to Logan High School's Concerto Night last night. Roxy's little (ok, not so little but younger) brother preformed an amazing song. He preformed Nessun Dorma from Turandot by G. Puccini. Wow!!! What amazing talent. I must say I was honored to have been able to be there! Check out the video on their site. . . Thanks for the invite Carter Fam!! Love you all!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Sunday!!

Yippee!!! Our very first blog. How interesting it is! I'm learning so just bear with me. We had a super fantastic Sunday! I woke up and it was so wonderful to see the snow falling. Sophie enjoyed herself in the snow.

Then we went over to Ma & Pa Tibbitts' for dinner and the Super Bowl. I don't really watch it. It provides background noise. But, my wonderful Ashlee and I made a super batch of caramel corn for the festivities! ;-)

So,really who's winning anyway. Looks like the Patriots now. But to tell the truth it's the caramel corn and hanging with the fam that's always on our winning list!