Monday, August 23, 2010

. . . and they ate like Kings & Queens!

We had a fantastic weekend. Unfortunately, James worked all day on Saturday. We were able to make up for it in the evening though. We got together withe Kenny & Michele and her sister, Brooke & her husband Jake. Another set of Brooke & Jake's friends came with us too. We drove up past Camp Lomia. Our men built us a nice bit of a fire and we had fantastic "Tin Foil Dinners." They were so delicious! Then we pulled out the S'mores! James & I found these huge marshmallows. . . they're like 4 times a regular mallow. Wow! Those pack a punch. One is certainly more than enough! Haden and Little Lan Man had a great time in the cars. I do think that Haden likes fire. Just my luck! Gonna be a pyro, just like daddy.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good Intentions

Our blog is currently a work in progress!! I'll be updating it with a different e-mail address. We'll more than likely be changing it to a private blog as well. If you would like permissions to access the blog, please post a comment with your e-mail address.

As far as the "good intentions" go, I was planning on doing a nice catch up of the last month. Unfortunately, I've left my memory card at work with all the pictures on it! My mind has seriously skipped town!

Anyway, I'll tell you about it. We took Pioneer Day weekend (7/24/10) to work on the boat. We all took turns scrapping old gaskets off the engine so they could be replaced. Yep! I worked on the inside of an engine! I was dirty, greasy & stinky! Many long hours paid off. We got the boat running and were able to finally go have some fun! Much better than last year. Of course, the fire was quite entertaining. We still are wondering though if it would have been better to let nature take its course and allow the boat to die. Only time will tell, and we're gonna "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!!"

We were able to have an amazing time at the Hancey Family camp out! Our Uncle Neil and Uncle Dave were in charge this year and did a really nice job. We didn't do a darn thing! Just played lazy. I liked that.

Haden and I have been having an enjoyable time swimming. Well, kinda. I take him and he screams! We went to Lava Hot Springs and visited their Olympic Pool last weekend. Grandma & Grandpa Tibbitts, Uncle Tom, Brittney & Uncle Luiz, Aunt Anne & the kids all came with us. Haden had such a great time! I got to take him back to the pool in Logan this last week and he did a really good job there too. It's just taking a little bit of convincing.

James turned 28 last Thursday! He's getting to be so old! ;) I had a great time. After I got off of work, Ashlee and I zipped down to SLC with Haden to pick up James' birthday cake. I like to go to Granite Bakery and get the Key Lime Cake for him. Daren & Ash had it for their wedding and James loves it. It was a fantastic surprise for him! He thinks I spoil him! What can I say, He's TOTALLY worth it!

The saddest thing did happen a week ago. I work at the Logan City Court. Our Judge has been very sick. About a year ago she was diagnosed with Aplastic Enemia. It's a weird sort of blood disorder. She's been under immunosuppressant therapy to try and kick it. That wasn't working. So on June 21 she went into the hospital for a bone marrow transplant. It's been pretty rocky for her. She developed a few infections before the transplant took. The doctors worked really hard, but last Sunday she passed away. It's been really hard at work. It just doesn't feel like it's real. That's more than likely because she's been away and we've been using fill in judges. I don't think it will feel real until her replacement takes over. But I'm willing to accept the Lord's will in this. I know that our Savior lives. I know my friend has been called home. I know with all my heart that I will get to see her again. I'm grateful for the atonement and for the opportunity that repentance gives us to live with our Father again.

I wish to also offer condolences to my siblings. I have an amazing half- brother & sister. Unfortunately, their father also passed away this week. He was such a nice man. He always treated me with love and respect. I loved him too. Until we meet again, dear friend.