Friday, July 31, 2009


Yesterday the girls at work surprised me with a baby shower! They won't be able to make the shower tomorrow, but didn't want me to feel forgotten. It was a lot of fun! I sure do work with a good group. The best part was that it involved ICE CREAM!!! the most entertaining part was our bailiff: he was putting whipped cream on top and ended up spraying it all over the place. Heather and Jen got the brunt of it. The look on the three of their faces was priceless! Thanks Pals!

Monday, July 27, 2009


James and I have returned from a real Wyoming vacation! We left last Tuesday night and drove to Cheyenne. We arrived at about 2 am. Boy were we exhausted!

Wednesday we got up and went into town to watch the Thunderbirds. We were there during Frontier Days, so they were there for the air show. They were pretty good! The show wasn't as long as it usually is, but good none the less. For dinner becky made some great pork chops. mmmmm, mmmmm good!Later that night we went to the carnival. The kids had a blast and got to ride some rides. None for me though!

Frontier Days is great for "People Watching." We caught a glimpse of this cool dude we have conveniently named "Afro Man."

Thursday we kinda relaxed. It was nice. Went and looked at some stores. The most exciting part was that James was able to obtain his illegal for Utah fireworks. I have no idea what we are going to do with them, but I'm sure it will be entertaining. We wrapped this day up with some authentic Mexican grub. It was delicious. We made cilantro lime rice and homemade re-fried beans to go with our shredded beef. It was delicious!

My sister had to work on Friday, so we got ready and got a few pictures. We loaded up everything and set out for our next destination.

First, I took James out to Burns. That's where I grew up. It didn't take too long. There's not much there that's the same anymore. We did stop at the cemetery to visit my grandparents. I hadn't been there in so long. It was nice. James never got to meet them, but now he at least knows where they are. After our tour (sorry, no pictures. It's that boring!), we went back into Cheyenne where we met up with my uncle, a couple cousins, and our friends Al & Linda Wilcox for lunch. We had such a good time there! Food is always welcome!

After we finished eating, we headed to Douglas to see my other Sister. Her husband, Paul is an amazing chef! That night, he cooked the best steak I believe I've ever had in my life! I would definately eat more of it if he were closer, that's for sure!

On Saturday, we kinda just hung out again. It was so nice and relaxing. I got a little rambunctious and went on a Harley ride with Paul. I loved it!

We made personal calzones for dinner and watched movies all night!

We made the LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG trip home on Sunday. Here's the sad stuff. I hadn't been feeling well for most of the trip. By the time we got to Lea's on Friday, I had lost my voice. We almost came home early. I was tough and my sister Lea helped me get in contact with a doctor to feel better. By Sunday morning, I was feeling a lot better and was gaining my voice again. But my sweetie wasn't feeling well. He ached all over. We figured it was just the sleeping arrangements. We were both not feeling well this morning and stayed home from work. By 8:30 I had James to the instacare. Turns out he has the swine flu! I can't believe it! I feel so bad for him. We are both on anti-viral medication. Since I'm in the high risk group, I get to take the same meds as James does. He's out of work for 7-10 days and gets to be quarintend. I'm still safe. I can go to work. So it's all good. Dr. Horsley says so.

Wrapping up this extra long post. . . We are at 34 weeks today! 6 more to go! I better get cracking on the baby's room!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Long Awaited Post

I must apologize to my faithful followers (if there are any!) I have been very slack! I did not anticipate a 5 week hiatus. It just so happened. I've had every great intention of posting, I just lack the time and energy to do so.

We will be 33 weeks along in our pregnancy tomorrow. Things are going great! We had another ultrasound to verify everything was going well on 7/6/09. I had the technician verify again that we are definitely having a boy. We are. He is looking very healthy and was weighing in at 3 lb 12 oz. We tried to get some face shots of him, but it did not work. He was crossing his hands right in front of his face and wouldn't move them. As soon as we were back in the waiting room he was moving around again. Here is the picture we took last week for our 32 weeks:

I'm getting big now, but it's all worth it.

We have all been working very tediously on the family boat. We've re-upholstered most of it. After putting the seats back in and trying to start it we realized we had more problems. It wouldn't start. We had problems with the battery last year, so James and I replaced the battery. We were over at Ma N Pa Tibbitts' trying to get it started this week. Things were going well. I was just sitting on the boat encouraging James to let him know he was doing a good job. I had asked him, "Is it safe for me to sit here? This isn't going to blow up on me is it?" His response was, " It hasn't done that before. You're safe." Not three minutes later we were all bailing out of the boat trying to escape some flames! There was an electrical shortage that hit some gas and WOW!

After the flamage we replaced the fuel pump and starter. It was working so much better! Daren and Ashlee got it registered and we decided to take it out for it's 2009 maiden voyage to Hyrum Dam yesterday. We were in the process of launching the boat and it wouldn't start. BOO!!! Ran back into town to replace the new battery. Re-launch. Things are looking good. But maybe we ought to let it warm up a bit before we play. James, Ashlee and I went to go for a short spin only to find that it wouldn't hit high RPM's while in gear. Ashlee and I traded places with the boys and they worked on it for about an hour. Alas, to our dismay, it would be re-loaded and we were headed home. It still needs more work. Sophie enjoyed her time out. My belly has become her new sitting post. We discovered this on our way to the dam.

Poor Daren was so bummed out, he settled with the sprinkler in front of his house for a couple of minutes.

Considering all the difficulties, I was just glad that we were all well and the boat didn't blow up again!

We've also been up to lots of other things. Holidays are great! We hosted our Annual 3rd of July BBQ bash! It went great and the Logan City fireworks were fantastic. Hyde Park just had their 24th of July Fireworks on Friday. We enjoyed an amazing BBQ at Uncle Casey & Aunt Mari's pad just before. It is so much fun to get together with family. This week, James and I will be headed to Wyoming to see my sisters, Becky & Lea. It will be great, I just don't look forward to the drive.

Until next time. . .