Wednesday, March 16, 2011

18 Months!

Wow Mr. Haden! 18 months already! You've been so much fun, think we'll keep you around!

I got to take Haden to the doctor for his well visit yesterday. Boy was that entertaining! He really like to play with Thomas the Train before we even get to see the doctor. They've also got a little "treehouse" in their waiting area. He likes to go in there and do the dishes. Yesterday the faucet fell into the sink and scared him though! Once we got back to the room, he went straight for the toy cupboard and drawers! He knows right where they are. (THAT'S A SIGN THAT WE VISIT TOO OFTEN!) The nurse and I were barely able to round him up for his vitals. He did really good though. I think he's very shocked by the stethoscope. He's always very quiet when they use that on him.

As soon as the vitals were complete and the nurse had left the room, it was a FREE FOR ALL!!! This curious little tyke is. . . well a curious little tyke! He had most of the toys out. He was checking out the exam table. He was knocking on the door with hopes that someone would knock back! This little man can open the doors whit the "push down handle." That is EXACTLY what they have at the doctor's office! I have to stand watch at the door so he doesn't escape! Kinda funny. . . one of the knots in the door had fallen out and one can see right through. Well that's if you're Haden's height. He sure got a kick out of it!

The doctor did his exam. All is going well and great. 21.2 pounds and 33 inches tall! K, the kid is tall - ish. He's in the 40th percentile there, but is in the "less than" third percentile as far as his weight goes. He eats, I promise! He must just have a very high metabolism. I don't know where all the food he eats goes. Even though he weighs so little, he is right on target. He isn't loosing weight, and he isn't at a standstill. The doctor says it's just great.

I also learned the power of potential sugar. Haden had two shots this time, one in each thigh. It has GOT to be intimidating. The nurses (yes that's plural!) say, "Mom, hold each of his hands in yours. and we will get his legs." What? I have to take part in this? I'm not supposed to be the mean guy! So I hold him as I'm told and give him loving praise. I like that there are two nurses and they do the shots at the same time. Quite a quick process. Well, my little man still doesn't like it. It HURTS! So he cried. I held him. One of the nurses asked if he could have a sucker. . . well he sure can! She brought one in and gave it to him, wrapper still on. The crying stopped immediately. We dressed him again and were on our way. Don't worry, not without seeing the suckers on the counter and getting one for the other hand too! Both still wrapped by the time we got to the car. He did really well getting into the carseat, so I unwrapped one sucker for him. Silly, the other one is for me. It's butterscotch. . . my fav!

What memories we make, 'eh?

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Jenn said...

I'm pretty sure the butterscotch one is at my apartment.